December 17, 2019

Some tips for better programming

1. Don't try to learn Everything

2. Grasp the fundamentals for long term benefits

3. Quality project > Quantity project

4. Learn how to google

5. Technology always changes

6. Never copy paste the code, Understand the logic behind the program

7. Try at least 20 times before you see the solution

8. Coding is thinking, not writing

9. Write any program by dividing it into functions

10. Give meaningful names to variables

11. Think twice code once

12. Don't keep solving easy problems

13. Try to complete the code in the shortest possible way

14. DRY (Do Not Repeat) the code

15. At last get a solid nights sleep.

Thank you 😊

It's simple.
i loved to read what i want.
So, i write what i want to read.


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